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5 Tips to improve your Blog and Social Networks

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5 Tips to improve your Blog and Social Networks

Hello readers is everything okay? It's me Fabio again, here writing to you hahaha. Good I'm writing because besides being the designer responsible for graphic creation here in Indafarma Cosmetics also responsible for the social media and the blog content. The tips that I put here comes from the fruit of research that I'm doing here in the company before posting anything, come on, hope you like it, just remember that these tips are for blogs and institutional social media, not all the tips serve for personal social networking ok?

1st tip - The BLOG, A fanpage, TWITTER and or INSTAGRAM HAVE TO HAVE A FOCUS!

Focus is very important. If your blog is about cooking, does not help you make a post on how to wash your dry couch, it makes your blog incoherent. If you intend to talk about it in his blog, the present as a blog varieties or female universe for example. I get numerous emails from blogs to partner with Indafarma, I read all I analyze all and sometimes get very inconsistent blogs. An example are makeup blogs with cake recipes, and the worst, copied from Palmirinha and neither gave credit to her. Focus!


Another very important thing for your blog and your social networks is the content. The internet of things people look for quick and eye-catching. One person for something to read over the Internet if the call is very interesting, the text is well written with objectivity and clarity. Images and videos also draw attention. Do not want to fill sausage to your blog or social network just to say that you post every day, three times a day. No! If you need to post once a week something very interesting and useful, and go doing press during the other days. Another cool thing is not just make your advertisement is interesting to put tips, texts, curiosities from other sources provided it is consistent with your blog and you give the credits.

This tip is especially for blogs. I get many blogs, really, totally polluted visually. There is a principle that emerged in the first official school of the world of design Bauhaus, which is the principle of less is more. If you search trends for websites, blogs and postings to social networking, you'll see that more and more sites clean, with clean visuals are among the most tops. Objectivity, without much freshness.

This tip is a complement to the tip 3. It is obvious that you do not need to be an exceptional designer to create visual posts (Art) to post in particularly social networks, but at least you need a brief study of color by what I see blogs with totally wrong colors, no joke. Funds and texts with conflicting colors, images with fountains all designed difficult to read, all this undermines the blog posting. A cool tip is to have saved around in your computer a color wheel. Research it, it shows the colors that blend with each other, the ideal is also studying a bit of contrast, background image and typography. There sources which facilitate the reading of a longer text, there are sources which damage. All this has to be taken into consideration.

5th tip - LIKE WHAT YOU DO
May seem a cliché that last tip, but it's not. Unfortunately I get blogs of people who are only interested in receiving free products. You notice the texts, so that takes care of the blog, others are bloggers / bloggers out fad, because they find it easier you make money on the internet. (Laughs) many want to get rich, just writing nonsense on the internet or rough recording videos without any content. You must love what you do, like everything related to what you do. Study trends, seek professional reference, show people who think blog and social networks are kid stuff they are mistaken! HAVE A GOOD TIME

Well I hope you enjoyed continue accessing our site and browsing through our social networks, always have new stuff! Indafarma Cosmetics Always Innovating.

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Localized Fat, Cellulite, know more about reducing measures properly.

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Localized Fat, Cellulite, know more about reducing measures properly.


The localized fat is associated with increased adipose tissue volume; this accumulation of fat mass occurs in body sites where the fabric is looser, as outer thighs, flanks and abdomen. Usually associated with sagging, whose characteristic is the loss of the structure and firmness of the skin, for the cohesion of the collagen molecules, elastin and hyaluronic acid are impaired.

Aesthetics are great ally to treatment to combat localized fat, which also improves the appearance of skin and body contouring, but it will only be successful when the patient associate changes in eating habits and exercises program.


Well known among women, Cellulite, or lipodystrophy Gynoid, enough to affect around 80% female, causing discomfort due to aesthetic look that gives the skin. Weight gain can make cellulite becomes more visible, but its occurrence is independent of weight, thin women are also candidates, and the reasons are various, from hormonal factors, genetics, use of contraceptives, pregnancy, stress, bad eating habits as excess sodium, carbohydrates and saturated fats, lack of exercise on weight, poor circulation, smoking.

The Cellulite is a localized fat, with a more severe dermal structure passing to retain fluid and accumulate toxins, resulting in the appearance of orange peel, the skin holes, sagging, swelling, and even pain, in the case of legs, may occur.

It is classified in degrees, from one to four, depending on the severity of the condition and can be installed in various parts of the body like the buttocks, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms.

Cosmetic treatments for localized fat and cellulite, aimed at prevention, reduction and control, seeking:

  • Reducing the fat load
  • Eliminate lumps
  • Reduce the accumulation of water, toxins and edema;
  • Reverse skin aging
  • Treating the lack of skin elasticity;
  • Improve circulation.
  • The use of specific aesthetic devices, combined with effective active products and a professional with appropriate knowledge to use both, greatly increases the chance of good results in treatment.

Cosmetic products for the treatment should include effective active as: Caffeine, Arnica, Ginger, Centella Asiatica, Horse Chestnut, Horsetail, algae, Cinnamon, Carnitine, some essential oils, Nicotinate Methyl, among others; each with a specific function to drain fluids and toxins, stimulate and firm the skin, eliminate fat.

Do you know what color 2015?

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Do you know what color 2015?

Hello girls and boys who follow our blog. Today Fabio our Graphic Designer responsible for the creation of Indafarma sector will talk about the 2015 year color, Marsala, color developed by the company worldwide reference Pantone. Enjoy!

Hello everybody.

The Marsala for those who have not seen yet is a mixture of red wine with brown pinches, resulting in a striking shade of red that will certainly please a lot! The cool thing is that the colors developed by Pantone generally not restricted to one segment, which is the case of Marsala, because it promises to be a strong color, fashion, decoration and design.

Look what the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, which is an Expert in color said of Marsala:

"Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive tone that draws us into a warm hug." Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute


Marsala wine

It really is the concept behind the Marsala really is very well prepared. Marsala The name was given to the color as your tone is very similar to the Marsala wine is a kind of full-bodied wine produced on the outskirts of the city that gives it its name in Sicily, Italy. Thus, the new creation of a sophisticated becomes Pantone color, a color back on itself elegance, versatility, strength.

When used in fashion marsala appeals to both men and to women because of a mystery tone, a certain sensuality, thus causing a great interest in the pieces that lead as the main color. In makeup, it is an excellent tone to accentuate cheeks, eye shadows, in the mouth. Soon for sure we will see Marsala on the labels of products Indafarma for sure will look great!

So for you who besides cosmetics loves art or design in all its aspects there is a really cool tip, the color of 2015 Marsala! I hope you liked, leave your comment! Share and stay tuned in Indafarma Cosmetics, because we are always innovating!

Fábio Henrique Serafim
Graphic Designer

Detox Work?

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Detox Work?




We are constantly subjected to all sorts of harmful agents; and our skin is directly receiving these aggressions being the largest organ of the human body, important, without which it is impossible to live.

She is responsible for the protection of our body, maintaining hydration, thermal protection, and other vital actions. Attacked all the time by pollution, sun, cold, heat, by inadequate nutrition, lack of hydration and nutrition, great care is required to keep it healthy.

It is important to cleanse, detoxify, protect and also replenish lost nutrients and essential substances in everyday life and the course of age. We can do it internally and topically through the nutraceutical using creams.

So when we talk about Detox Body, we are referring to a series of actions that have to collaborate in maintaining beautiful skin. Part of these cosmetic procedures actions to drain excess liquid and toxins, provide nutrients agents, moisturizers, emollients, nutritious, antioxidant and repositories of constantly assaulted hydrolipidic mantle.

The treatment starts with a scrub to remove dead skin cells and clean the skin and the pores, performing a skin and circulatory stimulation, to better absorb the assets that will treat the skin.

Through appropriate massages performed by a professional aesthetics, that enhance the action of the product and the permeation of assets, we will have the expected results.

The Research and Development Center Indafarma sought the best asset to promote the Detox effect.

- White Tea - removed before the plant flowers bloom, it has Vitamin B, C, K, caffeine, antioxidants, manganese, potassium and folic acid, neutralizes free radicals, improves the body's functions and speeds up the metabolism.

- Green and Red Teas  - rich in flavonoids have anti Radicals action, DNA protection, detoxifying and anti aging;

- White Clay - purifying, antioxidant and replenishing minerals;

- Lotus Flower Extract - a majestic, strong and solitary plant that rises from the water with long stems, opens at dawn and closes at noon, with soothing and rich property in polyphenols, antioxidants.

- The Camelina Oil - containing Omegas 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, nourishing and moisturizing;

- Godji Berry Oil - with lots of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to obtain a perfect skin.

So CREAM DETOX INDAFARMA is made with exotic assets and extremely rich substrates, synergetic actions. A cream with these qualities promotes light, radiant appearance, softness, shine and youthfulness; body skin comes alive and lost beauty.


Male Beauty, Men’s Skin Aesthetics for the man!

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Male Beauty, Men’s Skin Aesthetics for the man!

Today more vain and cool, man has looking for beauty clinics for various treatments; These clinics show a growing demand for the male audience for several aesthetic service, whether for facial or body treatments; Services that range from relaxing massage, massage therapy treatments to reduction measures and moisturizing the skin.

According Featherstone (1995), currently the man is more vain and seeks to stand out as much as women.

Taking care of external appearance is part of man life, because the modern world requires high investment in information, health, daily exercise, well-being, leisure and personal care of male beauty.

We have not forgotten the male audience in our cosmetic line and think of an asset that pleased and would meet the needs of man, creating two products: Cream Deodorant Body Massage Absinthe For Men and Body Oil Wormwood.

Wormwood oil is an extremely interesting asset, promotes body relaxation in the first moments of massage improves circulation, reduces fatigue, creating a stimulating and invigorating energy at the end of it.

In Cream still use the synergy of ginger extracts, Caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba, to stimulate the skin, promote drainage, removal of toxins, as well as hydration. They have scent and sliding perfect - a treatment at the Wellness concept, unique to the male beauty!

Creme de Massagem Corporal Absinto para Homens

Cream Deodorant Body Massage Absinthe For Men

Soft Care Óleo Corporal Absinto

Absinthe Soft Care Body Oil

4 Tips to combat Cellulite and Localized Fat!

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4 Tips to combat Cellulite and Localized Fat!

Good afternoon dear readers, today our manager of R & D Dr. Marisa separated 4 super handy hints to combat the terrible cellulite and localized fat feared! Enjoy and be more beautiful!

1. Alimentation:

136049837705Eat a healthy diet, flee from fats, fried foods, carbohydrates, soft drinks, gluten, etc.
Eat thermogenic foods that speed up metabolism and increase fat burning; the list goes on, quoting some: caffeine, cinnamon, green tea, pepper, ginger.
Increase the amount of fiber rich foods, which reduce hunger.
If you can look for a nutritionist to help in this task.


caminhada2. Exercise:
Practice aerobic exercise to promote energy expenditure and increase fat burning.




download3. Aesthetic treatments:
The Cosmetic Aesthetics has advanced greatly these last few years, in research assets in the composition of massage creams, and devices, ever more sophisticated proven to reduce localized fat and cellulite fighting. The combination of both is essential to successful treatment, search for a beautician with deep knowledge in massage techniques, choice of really effective products and devices that give expected results.



crescimento-mercado-de-suplementos-e-nutraceuticos-cresceu-53-porcentagem-2012-2013-estimula-investimentos-da-industria4. Nutraceuticals:
Nutraceuticals are the latest allies beauty. Based on scientific studies, nutraceuticals are roughly cosmetics ingested promote overall improvement in skin appearance and body, possessing various functions such as anti aging, peeling, burning fat, etc. Professionals, specialized in this segment, such as doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, may indicate the products that meet your needs.



Concepts and Trends in 2015

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Concepts and Trends in 2015


In the fashion world, in design and also in the comestic world the colors are extremely important. Color is the key point, often for a sale is closed. In the case of cosmetic colors can elevate and enhance the product, however, a wrong choice can kill completely the product.

There is a whole "psychology" in the colors that you easily find on the internet to have as a reference. There are companies specialized in the study of colors, their trends and their psychology. One, I believe the world's most famous is the Pantone company.

Pantone is a trademark of Pantone Inc. company that has its headquarters in New Jersy USA. Pantone today is the highest world authority in color. With palettes and technological systems that have become known worldwide, a standard was won chromatic language used virtually every industry where color is an extreme factor importância.

In 2014 Pantone chose as Color of the year the lilac tone called Radiant Orchid (CMYK code - 33,72,0,0). A color that brings the sophistication of calm mind. A color that really is beautiful and makes all parts where it is used to gain a highlight. In the cosmetics industry requires a study about which colors to use in products, labels and decorations of packaging.

For example, a product for cellulite. Usually it is composed of products that react to the skin that give the feeling of freshness, with also characteristic smell that reminds a citrus thing, and components that are leaves like camphor, mint etc ... so a great color to be used is green and its brighter shades, which besides bringing the product reference with natural components, behind the feeling of freshness. In this case, for example would not be ideal to use a purple, for example. The Purple not behind any sense of freshness. So it's very important the study of colors, because we can kill a product with the wrong color.

This preoccupation with colors appeared at the Bauhaus (pioneer school of design in Germany). After the Gestald were developed scientific studies, psychological, philosophical and even spiritual referring to colors. These schools was also developed something that even today designers use (at least should use kk), the color wheel where we can see the colors, primary, secondary and complementary. Let us then attentive to the new trends for next year.

Fábio Henrique Serafim

Graphic Designer - Dpto. creation

Stimulating the skin to increase the efficiency of the treatment body

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Stimulating the skin to increase the efficiency of the treatment body

The aesthetic body treatment consists of a sequence of applying specific products and massage techniques to the desired purpose.

Making use of a stimulating skin product, either by increasing the peripheral circulation, dilation of pores or through a "irritation" permeation enhancer assets, is a powerful way to boost protocols reduction measures, body contouring, combats cellulite, sagging, etc.

The 3C Cream Active Power Indafarma was formulated for this purpose, enhancing the aesthetic treatments, is a body massage cream highly concentrated in extracts Stimulants Vegetables, reducers and toning, contains caffeine, Pepper, Cinnamon (3C), Arnica and Ginger, associated the actions of others: Decongestant, such as Horse Chestnut; Hydration provided by algae; Nutrition from soy, mineralizing - owned by horsetail, rich in silicon - an important physiological element in maintaining skin structure: stimulates the skin metabolism, improves elasticity, binding to glycoproteins and mucopolysaccharides tissue and Centella Asiatica - decongestant, emollient , collagen and elastin protective and restorative tissue.

The 3C Cream Active Power Indafarma, was developed in careful study, for the aesthetic treatment proposal suggested promote an improvement in the overall appearance of the skin, including droughts and senile.

Dra. Marisa T. C. Varella

Pharmaceutical Responsible

R & D - Indafarma