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Stimulating the skin to increase the efficiency of the treatment body

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Stimulating the skin to increase the efficiency of the treatment body

The aesthetic body treatment consists of a sequence of applying specific products and massage techniques to the desired purpose.

Making use of a stimulating skin product, either by increasing the peripheral circulation, dilation of pores or through a "irritation" permeation enhancer assets, is a powerful way to boost protocols reduction measures, body contouring, combats cellulite, sagging, etc.

The 3C Cream Active Power Indafarma was formulated for this purpose, enhancing the aesthetic treatments, is a body massage cream highly concentrated in extracts Stimulants Vegetables, reducers and toning, contains caffeine, Pepper, Cinnamon (3C), Arnica and Ginger, associated the actions of others: Decongestant, such as Horse Chestnut; Hydration provided by algae; Nutrition from soy, mineralizing - owned by horsetail, rich in silicon - an important physiological element in maintaining skin structure: stimulates the skin metabolism, improves elasticity, binding to glycoproteins and mucopolysaccharides tissue and Centella Asiatica - decongestant, emollient , collagen and elastin protective and restorative tissue.

The 3C Cream Active Power Indafarma, was developed in careful study, for the aesthetic treatment proposal suggested promote an improvement in the overall appearance of the skin, including droughts and senile.

Dra. Marisa T. C. Varella

Pharmaceutical Responsible

R & D - Indafarma