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Male Beauty, Men’s Skin Aesthetics for the man!

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Male Beauty, Men’s Skin Aesthetics for the man!

Today more vain and cool, man has looking for beauty clinics for various treatments; These clinics show a growing demand for the male audience for several aesthetic service, whether for facial or body treatments; Services that range from relaxing massage, massage therapy treatments to reduction measures and moisturizing the skin.

According Featherstone (1995), currently the man is more vain and seeks to stand out as much as women.

Taking care of external appearance is part of man life, because the modern world requires high investment in information, health, daily exercise, well-being, leisure and personal care of male beauty.

We have not forgotten the male audience in our cosmetic line and think of an asset that pleased and would meet the needs of man, creating two products: Cream Deodorant Body Massage Absinthe For Men and Body Oil Wormwood.

Wormwood oil is an extremely interesting asset, promotes body relaxation in the first moments of massage improves circulation, reduces fatigue, creating a stimulating and invigorating energy at the end of it.

In Cream still use the synergy of ginger extracts, Caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba, to stimulate the skin, promote drainage, removal of toxins, as well as hydration. They have scent and sliding perfect - a treatment at the Wellness concept, unique to the male beauty!

Creme de Massagem Corporal Absinto para Homens

Cream Deodorant Body Massage Absinthe For Men

Soft Care Óleo Corporal Absinto

Absinthe Soft Care Body Oil