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Concepts and Trends in 2015

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Concepts and Trends in 2015


In the fashion world, in design and also in the comestic world the colors are extremely important. Color is the key point, often for a sale is closed. In the case of cosmetic colors can elevate and enhance the product, however, a wrong choice can kill completely the product.

There is a whole "psychology" in the colors that you easily find on the internet to have as a reference. There are companies specialized in the study of colors, their trends and their psychology. One, I believe the world's most famous is the Pantone company.

Pantone is a trademark of Pantone Inc. company that has its headquarters in New Jersy USA. Pantone today is the highest world authority in color. With palettes and technological systems that have become known worldwide, a standard was won chromatic language used virtually every industry where color is an extreme factor importância.

In 2014 Pantone chose as Color of the year the lilac tone called Radiant Orchid (CMYK code - 33,72,0,0). A color that brings the sophistication of calm mind. A color that really is beautiful and makes all parts where it is used to gain a highlight. In the cosmetics industry requires a study about which colors to use in products, labels and decorations of packaging.

For example, a product for cellulite. Usually it is composed of products that react to the skin that give the feeling of freshness, with also characteristic smell that reminds a citrus thing, and components that are leaves like camphor, mint etc ... so a great color to be used is green and its brighter shades, which besides bringing the product reference with natural components, behind the feeling of freshness. In this case, for example would not be ideal to use a purple, for example. The Purple not behind any sense of freshness. So it's very important the study of colors, because we can kill a product with the wrong color.

This preoccupation with colors appeared at the Bauhaus (pioneer school of design in Germany). After the Gestald were developed scientific studies, psychological, philosophical and even spiritual referring to colors. These schools was also developed something that even today designers use (at least should use kk), the color wheel where we can see the colors, primary, secondary and complementary. Let us then attentive to the new trends for next year.

Fábio Henrique Serafim

Graphic Designer - Dpto. creation