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5 Tips to improve your Blog and Social Networks

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5 Tips to improve your Blog and Social Networks

Hello readers is everything okay? It's me Fabio again, here writing to you hahaha. Good I'm writing because besides being the designer responsible for graphic creation here in Indafarma Cosmetics also responsible for the social media and the blog content. The tips that I put here comes from the fruit of research that I'm doing here in the company before posting anything, come on, hope you like it, just remember that these tips are for blogs and institutional social media, not all the tips serve for personal social networking ok?

1st tip - The BLOG, A fanpage, TWITTER and or INSTAGRAM HAVE TO HAVE A FOCUS!

Focus is very important. If your blog is about cooking, does not help you make a post on how to wash your dry couch, it makes your blog incoherent. If you intend to talk about it in his blog, the present as a blog varieties or female universe for example. I get numerous emails from blogs to partner with Indafarma, I read all I analyze all and sometimes get very inconsistent blogs. An example are makeup blogs with cake recipes, and the worst, copied from Palmirinha and neither gave credit to her. Focus!


Another very important thing for your blog and your social networks is the content. The internet of things people look for quick and eye-catching. One person for something to read over the Internet if the call is very interesting, the text is well written with objectivity and clarity. Images and videos also draw attention. Do not want to fill sausage to your blog or social network just to say that you post every day, three times a day. No! If you need to post once a week something very interesting and useful, and go doing press during the other days. Another cool thing is not just make your advertisement is interesting to put tips, texts, curiosities from other sources provided it is consistent with your blog and you give the credits.

This tip is especially for blogs. I get many blogs, really, totally polluted visually. There is a principle that emerged in the first official school of the world of design Bauhaus, which is the principle of less is more. If you search trends for websites, blogs and postings to social networking, you'll see that more and more sites clean, with clean visuals are among the most tops. Objectivity, without much freshness.

This tip is a complement to the tip 3. It is obvious that you do not need to be an exceptional designer to create visual posts (Art) to post in particularly social networks, but at least you need a brief study of color by what I see blogs with totally wrong colors, no joke. Funds and texts with conflicting colors, images with fountains all designed difficult to read, all this undermines the blog posting. A cool tip is to have saved around in your computer a color wheel. Research it, it shows the colors that blend with each other, the ideal is also studying a bit of contrast, background image and typography. There sources which facilitate the reading of a longer text, there are sources which damage. All this has to be taken into consideration.

5th tip - LIKE WHAT YOU DO
May seem a cliché that last tip, but it's not. Unfortunately I get blogs of people who are only interested in receiving free products. You notice the texts, so that takes care of the blog, others are bloggers / bloggers out fad, because they find it easier you make money on the internet. (Laughs) many want to get rich, just writing nonsense on the internet or rough recording videos without any content. You must love what you do, like everything related to what you do. Study trends, seek professional reference, show people who think blog and social networks are kid stuff they are mistaken! HAVE A GOOD TIME

Well I hope you enjoyed continue accessing our site and browsing through our social networks, always have new stuff! Indafarma Cosmetics Always Innovating.

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