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4 Tips to combat Cellulite and Localized Fat!

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4 Tips to combat Cellulite and Localized Fat!

Good afternoon dear readers, today our manager of R & D Dr. Marisa separated 4 super handy hints to combat the terrible cellulite and localized fat feared! Enjoy and be more beautiful!

1. Alimentation:

136049837705Eat a healthy diet, flee from fats, fried foods, carbohydrates, soft drinks, gluten, etc.
Eat thermogenic foods that speed up metabolism and increase fat burning; the list goes on, quoting some: caffeine, cinnamon, green tea, pepper, ginger.
Increase the amount of fiber rich foods, which reduce hunger.
If you can look for a nutritionist to help in this task.


caminhada2. Exercise:
Practice aerobic exercise to promote energy expenditure and increase fat burning.




download3. Aesthetic treatments:
The Cosmetic Aesthetics has advanced greatly these last few years, in research assets in the composition of massage creams, and devices, ever more sophisticated proven to reduce localized fat and cellulite fighting. The combination of both is essential to successful treatment, search for a beautician with deep knowledge in massage techniques, choice of really effective products and devices that give expected results.



crescimento-mercado-de-suplementos-e-nutraceuticos-cresceu-53-porcentagem-2012-2013-estimula-investimentos-da-industria4. Nutraceuticals:
Nutraceuticals are the latest allies beauty. Based on scientific studies, nutraceuticals are roughly cosmetics ingested promote overall improvement in skin appearance and body, possessing various functions such as anti aging, peeling, burning fat, etc. Professionals, specialized in this segment, such as doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, may indicate the products that meet your needs.